Seville and the Feria

Seville - the capital of Andalucia and the 4th largest city in Spain. The annual Feria festival takes place in April. Families, businesses and other organisations set up a simply massive number of casetas or marquees and for 5 days and nights it seems the city is in permanent party mode. Magnificent horses and carriages are a major feature and families will often ride to the Feria, the women dressed in traditional Spanish flamenco dresses.

Dress on a bike
The magnificent Plaza de Espana
Plaza de Espana detail
On the way to the Feria grounds
Alcazar Palace detail
Seville Cathedral
Cathedral bell tower
Street musician
Street seller
Hombre and his Mujer
Little girl lost . . .
. . . . and found
Seville bull ring
Feria entrance at night
Midnight on Sunday - fireworks to mark the end of the Feria
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