Extremely rare Northern Bald Ibis.  This bird is endangered on a world-wide basis.  It actually became extinct in Europe 300 years ago but small numbers have been successfully introduced in Spain and seem to be doing well.
Pair of Jackdaws
Slender Billed Gull with catch of the day
Grey Heron
Little Egret
Rare White Headed Duck
Slender Billed Gull going fishing
. . . .  and with its catch
Ruppel´s Vulture - a rare visitor as this is an African bird.  It is thought they occasionally mix with flocks of Griffon Vulture from Spain and then travel north as part of the latter´s migration.
Griffon Vulture
Northern Bald Ibis nest building
Northern Bald Ibis with chicks
Little Egret in flight
Cattle Egret in breeding plumage
Immature Short Toed Eagle
Flock of Glossy Ibis
Cattle Egret in flight
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