The Griffon vulture is a rare type of vulture eagle, with an impressive size and up to a 3m wingspan, and is Europe’s second largest bird.  It can be seen majestically soaring on thermal currents searching for food in the warmer, rugged parts of countries that surround the Mediterranean - these images were taken in Spain. It has a distinguishing creamy-white ruff, matching the color of its head and neck. Its body and upper-wings are pale brown.  Griffon vultures are carnivores and scavengers, typically feeding on the soft tissue from the carcasses of medium to large mammals and sometimes injured or weak cattle or sheep. They are a diurnal species and co-operate when foraging by circling a particular area, keeping in sight of another vulture until food is sighted, at which moment a large number of the birds may alight to feed on the dead animal. The population is mostly resident, though migration takes place in younger birds.
A Griffon vulture on the right with a Rupell's vulture on the left
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