Mountain Bluebird with grub for nearby chicks
Female Elk and calf
Wolf  (lone at this time)
Bison and admirer !
Bison calfs
American Robin with breakfast
Elk calf
Proghorn Antelope
Red Tailed Hawk
Brewer's Blackbird
Elk stag
Black Bear mum
Black Bear Cub
Osprey arriving at nest with fresh twigs
Young Elk stag  (and the same to you !)
Coyote jumping at hidden prey in the grasses
Gopher !
Black Bear feeding hungry cubs
American Robin (in Christmas card pose)
Sandhill Crane
Black Bear leading cubs
Tree Swallow returning to nest
Black Bear with cub trying to keep up
Young Elk stags
Face to face with a Black Bear
Bison in light snow (and yes they can just about reach 45mph if charging !)
Barrow's Goldeneye drakes
Raven perches on dead tree
Bison  (in process of losing winter coat)
Grizzly Bear forages in the evening light
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